Networking Setting

Check the connection status of the device when related equipment is wiring complete. First, make sure the COM Port as following – My Computer-Properties-Hardware-Device Manager-Ports.
5-28-2014 10-03-58 AM From the above chart shows that port is COM3.

Serial Port
There are two ways to open the Communication Port setting window: 5-28-2014 10-04-42 AM and 5-28-2014 10-04-55 AM
5-28-2014 10-05-09 AMStep 1. By the computer Detection results to select the port: COM3 (refer to My Computer-Properties- Hardware-Device Manager-Ports).
Step 2. Selection the options: Polling Message From Controller.
Step 3. Polling Interval: 200ms, the PC will inquiry messages from controller every 200ms.

LAN Configuraton
There are two ways to open the Node Number for Polling window:5-28-2014 10-05-25 AM and 5-28-2014 10-05-37 AM
5-28-2014 10-06-59 AMStep 4.Select node ID and access controller
Step 5.Select LAN BASE.
Step 6.Press YES

In Node Number for Polling window only for AR-829E and AR-716E be set, because AR-727H and AR-721H which connected under Multi-Door Networking Controller (AR-716E), must enter 5-28-2014 10-07-13 AMto set parameters.
※ Node Range: total is 256 groups, each group can display 7 node ID data

Controller On/Off Line
Open Controller On/Off Line window to check the device connection status: 5-28-2014 10-07-27 AM
5-28-2014 10-08-24 AMStep 7. Click 5-28-2014 10-07-44 AM to check the access controller item No and amount of access controller. If the icon front of item No is 5-28-2014 10-07-56 AM  that mean controller successfully connected to PC and find the 701Server icon 5-28-2014 10-08-08 AM  right at the bottom of taskbar and flashing.

5-28-2014 10-07-56 AM 
Well: controller successfully connected to PC.
5-28-2014 10-08-43 AM Not connected well: it recommended to check the followings and must see 5-28-2014 10-07-56 AM to do the further settings.
1.Check if the line is broken
2.Check if the number of settings are correct.

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