2.2.11 System Option

Set system Monitor, Function Option, and mainly window display.

User  can  change  the  display  mode  and  the  style  of  some  interfaces  depending on his/her favor a. Only need to put tick in front of item.

Provide administrator with convenience to view Time Attendance record  or open the gate the condition in the first time. After the system connect  with  the  device,  when  through  the  device  the  user  verification  is  successful, its transaction will real­time transfer to software, and display  in the demon region of the software main interface.


When  program  start up,  activate  the  monitor: Start up  all  device  this  program connect with, cyclically poll , if this option does not is selected,  after starting this program, the device is unable to cyclically polling the  monitor.

Default  device  polling  cycle  (second):  While  the  device  continually  and cyclically    the monitoring, because all sorts of reasons can cause  some device disconnection temporarily , here be able to set a cyclical  second  number  while  the  device  cyclically  auto­  inquire  (generally  decide as 120).

Keep the number of device record: Total of device record, refers to the  user data record which each device download from, may input a general  number to deposit record in here, after surpasses over the definite value,  automatically clear user data record in device. For instance here set is  1200, when the recording number downloads to 1201, in the device user  recording number will be able the automatic cleared, the number to be  able to become 0.

Times  of  reconnection  due  to  failure:  Try  connection  again,  the  number  of  times  (generally  to  decide  as  3),  in  order  to  restores  the  normal; the device will automatically reconnect with in the situation.

Activate monitor in designated time zone: May define some the Time  Period to start the monitoring. If the polling is uninterruptedly, then the  entire  monitoring  network  will  bear  very  big  load,  so  define  a  Time  Period to begin using the monitoring, like this can reduce the load for  the  monitoring  network.  Attention  writing  format,  for  example:  06:00­22:00.
Images taken into machine
U  will  be  preserved  after  the  attendance  photos  downloaded  to  the  software (download only the attendance by the photo, that is, after the U  pass  in  a  folder  of  all  the  photos).  Attendance  blacklist  photos  (bad  folder of all the photos) can only be read after the U.

Import machine photographs: U session will be kept by the attendance  through the photos, download software to view.  U­Data:  delete  U  intraday  attendance  through  the  preservation  of  the  photos.

Note:  The  software  supports  attendance  cameras  can  use  this  feature.

Synchronize the time for machine: May define time to complete the  computer synchronize up all devices which have been added. When this  time arrived, the auto­synchronize the entire device those connect with  the system, Attention writing format, for example: 10:00.

Function configuration

Time Attendance: The Time Attendance function is must select.

USB  Manage:  It  is  option,  under  Data  menu,  USB  flash  disk  management is available.

SMS Content Manage: Under the Data menu, SMS Content Manage is  available.

Access Control:  Add  the  function  of  Access Control software,  Time  Period  and  group  setting  and  so  on,  in  this  software,  when  machine  mainly is used in Time Attendance field and it with Access Control the  function,  may  use  this  function.  After  selecting  this  option,  AccessControl  the  management  menu  will  appears  in  the  software  main  interface, single­click  “1” to show the detailed menu of Access Control  management.  For  detailed  setting,  please  see  also  “Access  Control  Software Manual”.


Write  the  card  by  the  fingerprint  machine:  after  this  option  is  selected, able to write the card and eliminate the card button under the  employee  maintenance,  after  it  connects  with  PC,  the  device  is  available.

Support  9  digital:  When  software  connects  with  the  machine  that  support 9 digital codes, put tick in this option, then this software will  support 9 digital codes.


When start up window, starts up this program: Put tick in front of the  option,  when  next  time  windows  will  start  this  program  will  automatically will start up.

When program starts, activate automatic monitor: Put a tick in the option,  when  next  time  windows  will  start  this  program  will  automatically will connect to device that has been added

Download Record

Download all Logs/Download new Logs: Select any one option, when  anyone item is selected, press here to download record.

Show  Progress  when  downloading  logs:  When  downloads  the  data  from the device the downloading progress indicator strip appear.

Save  To  File  after  downloading  logs:  When  chooses  this  item,  download the record at the same time save the data record to file which  has been assigned.

States of Record 


If the device connect with FTF screen machines, assign the meaning of  state  to  the  number  of  symbols,  here  the  setting  information  must  be same with the definition of TFT screen machine (that is the definition of  the work code), otherwise the confusion record arise ;  If the device is connected to other machines, do not allow changes to the  number before “=”.

Import User Data 
Set some parameters for Import of user data.


When there is a duplicate registration number, three choices of ways are  available: 1) Skip, 2) coverage, 3) warned.
Import file code: Set the encoding format to import user data files used  by.


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