2.2.9 Attendance Rule

All attendance computation of statistical comply with attendance rule, 1. Select Maintenance/Options menu, click “Attendance rules” option,  and this window will popup:


This interface consists of four pagination pages;

It is required to set the beginning day for each week or the beginning  date for each month. Some companies calculate their attendance record  from  Sunday,  and  other  from  the  26th,  after  these  setup,  it  is  convenience for calculation to select time.

If a shift expires 0:00, it should be  defined which  workday  this shift  belong to.

How many minutes are the longest time zone no more than? How many  minutes is the shortest time zone no fewer than?

In  order  to  determine  attendance  status,  verify  record  correctly,  grant  smart schedule demanded, so that the least minutes of shift is not litter  than few minute. Otherwise the system will determine record as invalid

E.g. an interval of five minute, there is valid record at 8:10, so, among  8:10 between 8:15 records are invalid, it is valid record only after 8:15.

Out state:
There are four methods to be selected to handle leaving status

Ignore  the  state:  This  status  is  ignored  while  attendance  statistic  to  handle.

As Out: This out status is signed Normal out.

As Business Out: This status is sided on business out.

Audit  it:  make  verification  for  record  by  hand,  examine  employee  whether go out.

OT state
The over time consist of, counting over time, not counting over time,  administrator allowing and count over time, three status

Ignore the state: attendance statistic does not count over time;

As  OT  directly:  Over  time  does  not  need  to  be  examined,  count  it  directly:

Audit it: Make to verification for record by hand, in order to examine  whether employees have over time

Examine  operation (Audit it) is sub­item  which attendance  exception  require and record list other exception require.

2.  Click Calculation  pagination,  calculation window  appear,  show  as  below:


You need to set that the work hour account by minutes; this value should  be the same with on­duty hour, because statistics result correct depends  on this value.

In the step,  how  many  minutes will be recorded as coming late after  expire on­duty time, how many minute will be recorded as leaving early  before near off­duty, the definition of time period must be the same with  time period of the maintenance setup, otherwise the statistics result is  Not correct.

For the clock­in record, how many minute means coming late of neglect  work, for the clock­out record, how many minute means leaving early or  neglect work.

If you’re coming late or leaving early is over to definite minutes, there  will be regard as absent work

Can set overtime which are how many minutes it exceeds clock­off time,  so this will be record overtime.

It can restrict the max. overtime(OT) hours and total OT hours before or  after the on­duty time.

3. Click Statistic Item pagination, and following window will pop up:


You can set statistical rules and symbols for employee leave on business,  coming late and leaving early, etc, on the pagination label.

Freely over time (FOT): Over time work is not registered in schedule,
employee attendance is regard as freely overtime.

Note:  The  system  default  setup  only  qualify  with  attendance  situation which one day is divided into two Time Period, if one day  is divided into more than three parts for attendance, please select all  item and total them to ensure the accuracy of the calculation.

Group  by  time  periods:  This  item  will  define  whether  attendance  record  will  be  distributed  into  their  corresponding  shift  Time  Period.  E.g., select all items that are without clock­in item and group them, then  you will get the total of time without clock­in and clock­out item.

Acc. by times: Only count the times, how many times are to display  on the record list, No time record.

Round up: when the statistic data have point, the system will make after  point figure to carry upward as 1. For stance, the  min  unit is 1­work  hours,  so  that  the  calculation  result  of  1.1and  1.9­work  hour  will  be  record 2­work hour.

Round off: If the left value which after point figure excess 5, the value  add 1, otherwise the left value is abandon

Round Down: Abandon the value No matter how many it is. E.g. min unit is 1 work hour, so that the calculation result’s 1.1and 1.9  count as 1 work hours

4. Click the Weekend Set tab and the tab page appears as below.


Set  the  date  of  weekend  (for  instance,  the  weekends  of  different  countries are different) and the weekend display symbols and color in  the reports according to actual requirements.

Attendance calculation

The Attendance calculation page is the most frequently used page. It  can calculate the attendance data under a specified clock in/out rule and  generate the attendance situation into a report for view and settlement.


The  data  fields  in  the  attendance  statistical  report  include  Emp  No.,  AC­No., No., Name, Schedule, Auto­Assign, Date, Timetable, On duty,  Off duty, Clock In, Clock Out, Normal, Real time, Late, Early, Absent,  OT Time, Work Time, Exception, Must C/In, Must C/Out, Department,  NDays, WeekEnd, Holiday, ATT_Time, Ndays_OT, WeekEnd_OT, and  Holiday_OT.  To  select  more  items,  right­click  the  list  and  select  “Column” from the context menu. All available options appear and the  ticked off items are selected fields.


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