2.5.2 Clear Obsolete Data 

After your system has been used for a period of time, a big amount of  obsolete data are saved in the database, which not only occupy hard disk  space but also affect operation speed. Then you can clear these useless  data by using this function  Click this item on the menu, this pop­up menu will appear.


When  clearing  attendance  clock/in  and  attendance  exception  records,  you  are  required  to  back  up  clock/in  data  to  files.  You  can  click corresponding input box to type file  name, and click  “2“button to  save your data file’s saving path and file name, notice that you should  choose a new filename, if the name  has existed in the  system ,it  will  reminder you to define a new filename.

Note: you must choose the new name of file, if the file exists in the  system, the system will inform you select a new name of file.

Shift data for AC Time: Delete the expired employee shift data, select  the cut­off date for deleting such data, and click OK. For example, the  time range of a shift record is 1999­-01­-01 to 2011­-12­-12. When the  cut­off date for deleting such data is 2011­-01-­01, the record is not  deleted. The employee shift data is deleted only when the cut­off date is  later than 2011­-12-­12.

Input the close date of the data that you want to clear in close date box,  and the close date should be ten days before the current day you will  clear the corresponding data after clicking “OK“, and prompt messages  will display’

Attendance  time  setup  data  means  to  clear  obsolete  employee’s  shift  schedule data, select close data for clearing record, click “OK” and you  will clear obsolete employee’s shift schedule data

In  the  terms  of  Microsoft  Access  database,  can  click  “Compact  Database File” button to compact the database.

After clearing data, click “3” to return the main menu



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