2.6.1 Time zone 

Time zone is the smallest time period unit in Access control setting. In whole  system,  you  can  define  up  to  50  time  zones.  Each  time  zone  defines 7 time intervals, i.e. one week. Each time interval is valid time  period in 24 hours everyday. Each use can set up to three time zones and  the relationship between these three time zones is “Or”, which means  the user is valid as long as identification time satisfied one of these three  time zones. Each time zone format of time zone is HH: MM­HH: MM,  i.e. in term of 24 hours format and precision to second.

End time less than start time “23:57­23:56″, means all day forbidden.  End time larger than start time “00:00­23:59″, means valid in the time  interval.

Valid time period for user unlocks: all day open “00:00­23:59″ or time  period with end time larger than start time.

Concrete Step show as below:

1. Click “Time zone” from Drag­down menu of door manage, window  of AC Time zone option will pop up, show as below:


2. Click “Add” button and system will pop up a timetable from Sunday  to Saturday. Here, you can define any time zone you may use, show as  below:


3.  Then  click  “OK”  button to  save  the  time zone automatically,  and  return AC Time zone option window, the new zone will display in he list,  show as below:


4. If you want to use several time zones, continue to click “Add“, and  then  repeat  step  2  and  3.  In  addition,  time  zone  can  be  edited  and  deleted.

5. Edit Time zone, select time zone on the list, then click “Edit” button,  the edit window will popup. Show as below:


After  modify,  click  “OK”  button  to  save,  and  return  AC  Time  zone  option window, the time zone’s information  will display as after edit.  Show as below:


6. Delete time zone. Select the time zone need to be deleted, then click  “Delete” button, the following window will popup:


Click “Yes” button to delete it. Click “No” button to cancel operation.

7.  After  delete  operation,  the  AC  Time  zone  option  window  will  not  display the time zone. Show as below:



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