3.6 Export Data 

Following  take  Attendance  Record  as  example,  explain  to  Export  Data function:


As shown  in  the  above  picture,  click  “Export”  button  to  pop  up  the  following window:


Predefined Item List: The current definition of your choice will be a name, when the next time export will be allowed to directly select and save name but not need to choose the field to export in the left box. Put tick in font of the fields to export. If next time you want to select the same fields to export data, you can input an item name in the box of Predefined Item List, and click ”OK“ to save the selected fields in this item. If you want to call your previous choices, select a name saved in the box of Predefined Item List, and click ”OK“ to enter the following window:


Enter a filename for this file to save in the column of Filename, select  the type to save this file, and then you will export the selected data to  this  file.  You  can  save  a  file  in three formats: Excel  files (Microsoft  Excel File (*.xls), DBF formed database files, right justified text files.

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