3.7 Advanced Export 

Advanced Export is mainly used in secondary development to transfer  the data in our software. When needs to export the data, choose in here  need to export the data the item and its setting attribution. Single­click  “Advance Export” button on Attendance Record interface, shown as  following figure.


Here we take the Excel table to export as the example, explain advance  export the function.
1.  Choose  Export  file  format  on  the  Export  Type  label  of  Formats  pagination as MS Excel.

2. Set the parameters in the Options pagination. Show as below:


3. Input the filename and choose the saving position.


4. Set the field, the format and so on

 A. Field


Chooses  field  which  want  to  export,  There  are  ten  fields:  DEFAULTDEPID,  Name,  PIN, SSN,  CHECKTIME,  checktype  SENSORID, SSN, wokecode, verifycode, CardNo.
Note: Only the machine have Workcod feature, can choose to export  the workcode field.

 B. Format
Set  export  the  field  form,  there  are  the  Common  format  and  user  self­definite form two formats.

C. Page head and page foot (Header & Footer)
Here may add the page head /foot page for file which Export, input the  explanation writing in the page head/foot, these writing will be able to  display in the start and the ending of exported the file.

D. Caption & Width
There are ten fields which Export: Department, Name, No., Data/Time, Status, Location ID, ID Number, Workcode, Verify Code, CardNo, label  it  with  the  easy  memory  the  title  and  defines  each  field  the  display  width.

E. Excel Options
Set the Fields and Styles to export.

5. Save Export Options
After setting the field, the format and so on, for provide the convenience  to export next time, will be allowed to save this setting in the file, next  time will export this setting instead to set again.

6. Load Export Options
Directly import setting file before save, then was allowed to transfer the  setting before you setup, directly export the data again.

7. Start Export
After  all  options  set  finished.  Click  “Start  Export”  button,  the  following window will popup:


When indicator inform you completes download data, then may confirm  and gets down the data to directly which the examination Export. Show  as below:


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