3.9 How to Generate License Files 

There  are  two  algorithm  versions  to  enroll  the  user  fingerprint  in  employee maintenance: ZkFinger9.0 and ZkFinger10.0.


How to choose ZkFinger9.0 or ZkFinger10.0 
1.  Enroll  with  a  single  color  LCD  fingerprint  sensor,  choose  ZkFinger9.0 algorithm version.
2. Enroll with a TFT fingerprint sensor, you can choose both options.  Each algorithm version provides corresponding FP sensor to enroll.

Note:  View  the  device  algorithm  version  in  the  “system  parameters”.

How to generate ZkFinger10.0 verification license:

If choosing the ZkFinger10.0, you need a license to conduct fingerprint  sensor  enrollment.  Click  on  the  “Registration”  button,  it  will  automatically created “id.txt” file in the software installation directory,  you  need  to  send  this  file  to  our  company  to  get  the  license  file  “zkfinger.lic”, then put the license file in “system32″ folder under the  system disk, such as C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 directory.


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