Time Zone

Access controller have real time clock can set time zone to control access time. There are
0-63 access level for editing.

For example:

27-5-2557 13-20-13

There are two ways to open the “Time Zone Edit” window:27-5-2557 13-21-14and27-5-2557 13-21-36

Step 1. ZONE: 00-63 time zone for editing. For example: 001.
Step 2. Monday to Friday, the starting of the time zone and ending of the time zone.
Step 3. LEVEL: 00-63 level for editing. Level include time zone level, door groups level and user level. Various levels between the comparison will determine the user’s permission. 63 is the highest authority.
Step 4. LINK: each door group can be with another door group linked. Door group and the door group between the is not the link , link fields must select END. Emergency occurs the link fields can select FREE.
Step 5. Available in Holiday: holidays can also pass the time.
Step 6. Press Save button to save all settings.
Step 7. Press Exit button to quit.

27-5-2557 13-22-07

27-5-2557 13-28-3727-5-2557 13-29-4027-5-2557 13-29-15

Note  Emergency occurs the link fields can select FREE.

Zone 00: This time period can be used to set the switch time of attendance duty.
Zone 63: zone63 for auto open time.
Zone 62: zone62 for auto arming.
Zone 61: Reset is used when the user violations and emergencies, reset function of anti-pass back, this function be set in zone 61 .

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