2.2.3 Administrator Setting 

1. Set administrator
 To  help  protect  you  system  from  security,  to  prevent  the  data  are  changed by unauthorized personnel, this management program provide  with the function to set administrator.
(1).  Click  the  Administrator  sub­item  on  the  menu  of Maintenance/Options,  this  window  will  pop  up,  show  as  following  dialog box


(2). Click on the “Administrator” button, the display is following:


(3). Select the administrator type  you want to add (it is better to add  supper administrator first), after click, following interface appear.


Choose the administrator you want to add in the interface, all administer  must be the company’s employee.


(4).  Administrator’s  initial  password  is  himself/herself  AC­No,  click  “OK”  to  enter  the  administrator  privilege  interface,  may  set  this  administrator is allowed to software    in this interface    be allowed to  software.


5). Single­click each item of front selection box , this item is able to  switch    from  select  to  unselect,6  indicated  this  item  has  been  selected,  unselect  all  express  that  the  system  give  each  kind  of  administrator privilege by default setting. After selecting, click “OK” to  complete the setting, if click “Cancel” to be allowed to set the privilege  in  the  next  time  again  (select  the  one  which  will  have  to  revise  in  administrator interface, click “Operation Purview” button to reset). For  more detail please see Items that can be authorized.

Noteadministrator is unable to revise own privilege, delete oneself,
only the upper of administrators is allowed to revise, add or delete  next level of administrators. Be unable to change the privilege or  cancel the administrator unless when there is only an administrator. 

(6). Click “Modify Password” button, pop up window as shown below.

Old Password: Input old password.
New Password: Input new password.
Verify  New  Password:  The  input  must  be  consistent  with  the  new  password.

(7).  The  system  default  administrator’s  password  is  this  employee’s  AC­No,  it  is  better  to  revises  the  individual  password  to  guarantee  system data security. After the administrator has been set in the system,  the Login window will appear, unable to enter the system until input the  right User Name and Password.


2. Administrator’s privilege and classification

(1). Administrators’ classifications 
There are four kinds of administrators in the system, depending on the  privilege  height  Sequence:  Super  Administrator,  Department  Administrator,  Level  1  of  Dep.  administrator,  Level  2  Dep.  Administrator.

(2). Administrator’s privilege:
The  Super  Administrator  may  manage  all  employees;  the  Department  Administrator  only  can  manage  this  department  employee.

Super  Administrator:  The  super  administrator  is  highest  level  of  administrators in the system, the super administrator own  privilege to  add,  revise,  delete  administrator  besides  oneself,  it  is  allowed  to initialize the management system and set the database. His/her default  privilege is allowed do any operation for the system. If unselect all in  the interface of Set Administrator’s Purview, then the default privilege  will  be  used;  If    only  several  items  has  been  selected,  then  this  administrator  who  has  the  operation  privilege  can  select  the  corresponding project only.

Level 2 Dep. Administrator: Level 2 Dep. administrator is allowed to  add    this  department  administrator,  and  same  level  perhaps  the  low  level of administrators    revise privilege, delete this department besides  oneself,  who  is  not  allowed  to  operate  other  departments’  any  administrators.  If  only  several  items  have  been  selected,  then  this  administrator,  who  has  the  operation  privilege,  only  can  select  the  corresponding project.

Level 1 Dep. Administrator: Level 1 Dep. Administrator may add this  department  administrator,  and  same  level  perhaps  the  low  level  of  administrators revise  privilege, delete this department besides oneself,  who is not    allowed to operate other departments’ any administrators. If  several items have been selected, then this administrator, who has the  operation privilege, can select the corresponding project only.

Department administrator: The department administrator may add this  department  administrator  and  the  same  level  administrator  revise  privilege, delete this department in besides oneself, who is not allowed  to operate other departments’ administrators. If several items has been  select, then this administrator, who has the operation privilege to select  the corresponding project only.

3. Items that can be authorized

Clear Obsolete Data/Backup Database/Export AC Data: There are 3  projects under the Data menu, the administrator own this privilege to  save and examine the data.

Import AC Data: It is able to import recording data in the file to the  system through Import AC Data under the Data menu.

Employee  leaving  on  business/Asking  for Leave: Click  “Employee  leaving  on  business/Asking  for  leave”  sub­item  under  Attendance  menu,  may  set  the  employee  leave  on  business  /  asking  for  leave  condition, and produce the corresponding data sheet.

Forgetting to clock in /out: If the employee forget to clock in/out, add  clock in/out record for this employee. Through Forgetting to clock in  /out sub­item under Attendance menu.

Coming  Late  Collectively:  If  employee  have  forget  collectively  to  clock­in/out, then neglects assigned time clock­in/out record, or add the  clock­in/out record again this sub­item under Attendance menu.

Attendance  record:  May  search  employee’s  attendance  record  and  revises the diary through this sub­item under Search/Print menu.

Current  Employee’s  On­Duty  Status:  May  search  the  employee  current time in the At­post/not At­post situation through Sub­item.

Attendance Calculating and Reports: Under Search/Print menu, also  may click on “Report” icon to enter, may inquire each kind of exception,  statistics the Time Attendance, produce report, and print the report.

Department List/Employee Maintenance: May set the department in the  department  management;  revises  the  employee  information  and  employee’s  Time  Attendance  setting  in  the  Employee  maintenance  through sub­item Department list/ Employee maintenance under the  Maintenance/Options menu.

Administrator:  Under  the  Maintenance/Options  menu,  set  up  the  administrator and assign the privilege.

Maintenance  Timetables/Maintenance  Shift  Schedules:  Click  this  sub­item  under  the  Maintenance/Options  menu,  create  the  working  Timetable in the Maintenance Timetables, manages the shift schedule,  chooses  properly  working  timetable  or  the  timetable  combines  to  establish the different shift schedule.

Employee  Schedule:  Under  the  Maintenance/Options  menu,  assign  the Shift Schedule which already set to employee.

Holiday List: Set the holiday under the Maintenance/Options menu.

Leave Class: Under the Maintenance/Options  menu,  go  on a leaves  setting, and leaves statistical rule in report form.

Attendance  Rule: Set up the  Attendance rule, and statistical rule  for  Attendance project in report.

Database Option: Set up the database connection through this sub­item  under the Maintenance/Options menu.

System Option: Be able to carry on the setting to software some options  under the Maintenance/Options menu.

Connect: Be able to connect with Device through this sub­item under  the Device Management menu.

Download attendance logs: To download the data record is available  through the Device Management menu.

Upload  user  info  and  FP:  Ability  to  upload  the  user  information  through the Device Management menu.
Downloads user info and FP: Under the Device management menu,  can download the user fingerprint information.

Delete  AC  Log: eliminates  the  Time  Attendance  data  recording  in  machine through sub­item Delete AC log under the Device management  menu.

AC Manage: Be able to examine the Device information and carries on  some operations to the Device through this menu.

Device/Del  Device:  Can  add,  delete,  and  revise  the  Device  the  communication  information  through  this  sub­item  under  the  Device  Management menu

Sync  Device:  Synchronize  Device  time  with  Computer  time  through  Under Device Management menu.


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