2.6.2 Group 

Group  function  can  divide  users  into  groups  and  combine  different  groups  to  different  unlock  combinations,  which  make  group  management of Access control more  convenience. So user can define  many  unlock  combinations.  System  has  defined  5  groups:  Group  1,  Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, and Group 5. Under system default, new  registered user is in Group 1 and can be re­assigned to other group.

Under system default, a new registered user uses time period of Group 1.  After the user is re­assigned to other group, the user uses default time period  of  the  corresponding  group.  So  please  make  sure  to  define  default  time  periods for each group.

Group Setting
1. Click Group sub­item, under the door manage menu on the left tool  bar, enter the Group setting interface, shown as following figure.


2. Group editing; left click item that need to edit with cursor to enter the  editing state.


3. Through drop­down box to choose the Time zone.


Set up is completed; click on “Save” button to save.

4. According to your needs, you can repeat step 2 and 3 to edit other  Time zone.

5. Add group, click “Add” button can add a group, show as below:


6.  Delete  group,  select  the  group  you  want  to  delete,  and  then  click  “Delete” button to delete it.


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